Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Turkey Day!

November is one of my favorite months because it includes Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it brings friends and family together. This year my parents met me in NOLA and we road tripped to Austin, which was an adventure. I usually do not like road trips but this one was not bad. This month was interesting, I went to a cemetery tour with a few classmates and it was so much fun.

This month we had our pulmonary block and I really enjoyed that block. I found it really interesting to learn about asthma because I feel like I know so many people with it so it was interesting to know more about the medications. I appreciated this block a lot. We just started our GI block and so far I’ve liked it.

I did not volunteer this month because unfortunately I kept getting sick. It is not easy to be sick away from home but luckily I had friends who took care of me from the program. To make up the hours I missed, December seems promising and I am eager to start volunteering again. I hope to do about 11.5 hours. I am excited to get back to the hospital and continue learning from this experience.

November Volunteer hours: 0
(December hours: 11.5)

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