Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1,000 Miles Away

I often describe myself as a homebody. So the decision to move over 1,000 miles away for my Masters in Pharmacology was definitely not an easy one. As someone who loves adventure but has never really lived far from home, I saw this as a golden opportunity. Even though this was far from home, the idea of living in NOLA and attending this program was so enticing, how could one ever pass up an opportunity like this?

We had just wrapped up our second block and just began our 3rd block. Even though we've only been here for roughly a month and a half, I've learn so much in so little time. It definitely helps that the curriculum is so interesting and focuses on what I'd liked to do in the future. It is also awesome that our class is getting along so well. We all help each other out with studying and what not, it amplifies the experience. The material is so interesting but it definitely does take some time to get it all down, luckily with how our schedule is set up, we have enough time to study.

I started volunteering at Tulane Health Center last week and I've been assigned to 6 West. Next month I hope to start on CVRA as well. Its been interesting thus far, I've been mostly answering calls and making blood bags. I've been learning the dynamic of a hospital and how things work in this unit. The nurses have been so helpful in getting me set up last week and answer any questions I have. I haven't interacted with any patients yet but I hope I will soon. Generally, the environment is really pleasant and I've had a good experience thus far. I do want to do more volunteering with the community in addition to this hospital work. I've been meaning to go help out with the flooding, a few of my classmates have already gone. I feel like I need to do my part because from what I hear from my classmates, they need all the help that they can get.

I've slowly explored the city over the month. A friend of mine came into town last weekend and we took sometime to go to all the tourist sites. This city is so alive and has so much culture, it is definitely different than what I am used to. I explored the quarter but I feel like there is still so much of it I haven't seen. I really enjoyed exploring Frenchmen's Street, we went at night and the market
there was so interesting and there was so much unique local art. I bought some for my apartment to give some New Orleans flare. I keep thinking that there is nothing else I haven't seen in this city, my friends and I discover a new place or a new event that leads us to another new place. This city really is like no other and I can't wait to get to know it more.

August Volunteering Hours: 11