Friday, March 31, 2017


This was a interesting month. We finished Med Pharm and took the NBME exam. The NBME exam pretty much consists of everything we learned all year. I will admit, there were a lot of late nights prior to the exam but once I was there, it was not as hard as I anticipated. At this point, everything makes sense and flowed together in my head so even though I thought the exam was going to be impossible, it wasn’t. 

I have been volunteering with the Stroke Unit at Tulane Hospital. They started this new program called “Stroke Buddy” where I basically interact with patients who are on the better end of recovery. This is the N-ICU so there are many patients who can’t really interact well. Some patients do not want to participate which is understandable. Often I’ll only see one or two patients and other days, I won’t see any patients and do some other work the stroke unit needs done. I would ask if they want to participate in one the activities we have for them. The activities are: coloring, working with clay, or listening to music. The goal is to help with their rehabilitation and keep them company.  I really have been enjoying this stroke buddy program thus far and I hope to continue it after graduation.

March Volunteer Hours: 8
Total: 20