Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I am so happy to be back in NOLA. It was great to be home in New Jersey but the cold was miserable. We started this block with Neurology and I was honestly a little nervous about it. I felt that it might be a little more difficult than the other blocks but when the block exam came around, it was not so bad. Our class schedule has changed slightly, we now have new classes added this time around. I am really like Endocrine Pharmacology so far, I love the book we are reading and it really reveals a lot about stress that I’ve never know. The presentations thus far have been extremely entertaining and I look forward to how my fellow classmates present the information. 

On top of regular classes, I began my MCAT prep classes. It hasn’t been easy trying to balance the studying out but its slowly getting more even. I haven’t started volunteering for this month yet but I plan on starting at Tulane’s Lakeside hospital. I want to become an OB/GYN in the future and I figured volunteering at the Lakeside hospital would be a great option! 

I’ve still been exploring the city more and more as this program goes on (although the amount of exploring will probably go down because of the MCAT) and I went on a cemetery tour recently! I highly recommend it, it was so informative about the entire city and not just the cemetery. The history behind the cemetery was so cool. Hopefully next time I post, I’ll have explored the city more!

January volunteer hours: 0

Spring Semester total hours: 0